Styling & direction

Excerpts from 40 page self-published zine 

Based on 4 looks which blur lines between humans, animals, and machines

Styling, photogrammetry, and blender animation

Physical styling which was then 3D scanned and input into Blender software to create animated environments surrounding the model

Styling, direction, casting, set. 

Styling, set, casting, direction

Styling, set, casting, direction

Styling, set, casting, direction

Publication project 2, styling people who live in house-boats on Regent's Canal in London with their own objects

Story regarding migratory struggle, and success in the U.S. 

Styling, casting

Barcelona 2023

Art direction, photography

Style and direction


An investigation into working-class immigrant backgrounds that have migrated into both England and America. Contextualized within environments familiar to the people of this demographic. 

Styling and direction

Narrative based work with Amanda Colares Silva belly-sculpture. 

A young, soon to be mother is making their way through life in an attempt to provide a better future for their child. 

2023 Summer Project, create 3 looks based on hometown style or issues.

Styling and direction

Look 1: based on large city police budget vs small city budget for child and family services

Look 2: San Antonio, TX "Military City U.S.A." juxtaposing peace patches with death patches. Drag-queen casting in relation to vintage "Dance Team" sweatshirt

Look 3: Latino rocker character based on large emo culture within the city in 90s and early 2000s

Styling & direction, experimenting with shapes, lighting, and silhouettes 

Styling / Costume Design

Styling, set, direction 

Depicting scene referencing American ignorance towards drug addiction


Based on photographer's concept of pulling 3 tarot cards and creating looks based on them.

"Problem Child, Curiosity, Tradition"

Publication project, Styling

Styling and props.

Series with adults doing mundane tasks with juxtaposing child face-paint.